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Newsletters related to Congo Missions

Newsletters from PC(USA) Co-Workers serving in Congo (DRC)

  • Jeff and Christi Boyd (Kinshasa)
    Jeff and Kristi Boyd
    As regional liaison for Central Africa, Jeff Boyd facilitates support for the relationships, programs, and activities of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) partners in Congo, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. From his base in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, he also resources PC(USA) mission personnel and helps connect partner churches with PC(USA) congregations and presbyteries that want to be involved in ministry in the region. Besides the Congo, Christi works in three other French-speaking African countries, Madagascar, Niger, and Rwanda, and one non-French-speaking country, South Sudan. She accompanies global partners as they seek to remedy the marginalization of women and children in their communities, and engages with Presbyterian constituencies in the U.S. that wish to come alongside and promote those efforts.
  • Ruth Brown
    Ruth Brown
    Ruth is a food security and development specialist working with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). She assists the CPC development staff as they seek to expand services throughout the Kasai region. She and her Congolese partners help church members and communities build and maintain coalitions, assess community conditions, and implement programs that promote health, education, justice, and peace. They facilitate these community development goals by offering Christian education together with training opportunities and ongoing support.
  • Dr. John Fletcher and Gwenda Fletcher
    Dr. John and Gwenda Fletcher
    John is a surgical consultant to the nine hospitals supported by the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). He works with the hospitals’ staffs to improve their surgical knowledge, skills, judgment, and techniques. Gwenda, an education consultant, assists the CPC’s Education Department in its efforts to enhance the quality of education in the church’s 787 elementary and secondary schools. The Fletchers and their Congolese colleagues work together to help the people of Congo experience the abundant life Jesus promises.
  • Rev. Bob Rice and Kristi Rice (Kananga)
    Bob and Kristi Rice
    Bob and Kristi work with the Presbyterian Community of Congo. They both help the Department of Evangelism as it seeks to strengthen and expand the impact of the church. The department’s priorities include equipping the development of new churches, strengthening the training of rural pastors, production of print and radio material for spiritual education and evangelism, and facilitating the discipleship and Christian education of children and adults. Kristi also contributes to the evaluation of and reflection on microfinance efforts.  Bob and Kristi also have a wonderful blog at: Embracing Hope
  • Larry and Inge Sthreshley (Kinshasa)
    Larry and Inge Sthreshley
    Larry works with partner churches and organizations to help them build capacity for health ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His work has helped partners run large, internationally funded health programs that have greatly impacted health in these countries. Larry says his goal is to help the church “effectively demonstrate the love of Christ through health ministry.” Inge works with the CPK community garden program which has had great success in addressing children’s malnutrition, helps test and analyze fuel efficient smokeless stoves, and provides guidance to the Methodist Presbyterian Hostel, a mission guesthouse and conference center (see
  • Marcia Murray (IMCK, Long Term Volunteer)
    Marcia Murray
    Marcia is a long term volunteer who has come to serve with the CPC and IMCK. Marcia grew up in Congo as a “missionary kid” and served as a PC(USA) mission co-worker in Congo and Haiti and has now come out of retirement to return “home” to Congo where she teaches mathematics and English to nursing students at the Christian Medical Institute of Kasai (IMCK). With grace and humility Marcia demonstrates the love of Christ.


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