Steering Committee

Convener 2019 Colleen Shannon, First Pres. Knoxville, TN and
Charlotte R.White, First Pres. Hilton Head, SC
2019 Host First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville (October 17-19, 2019)
Past Convener for 2018 Liz Kenas (VA)
Secretary Belinda Dickinson(AL)
Treasurer Bill Rule (MD)
2019 Conference  
-Program Anne Crane (MA), Colleen Shannon (TN), Cathy Coons (NC)
-Registration Liz Kenas (VA)
-Congo Visitors Organizers Jeff Boyd (DRC), Laurie Loveless (MD), Millie Cox (NC), Bill Rule(WV), Phillip Nkongola (IN), Etienne Bote Tshiek (VA), and Charlotte White (SC)
-Host Committees First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN
     -Coordinator  Colleen Shannon
     -Worship  Rev. Meredith Loftis and Mark Pace
     -Food/Hospitality  The Effie Rule Circle (Presbyterian Women)
     -Publicity  Kelly Norell
     -Host Budget  Sherri Allison
     -Technical / Sexton  Victor Lenoir
Standing Working groups  
-Advocay Roberta Spalding (CA)
-Education Jan Sullivan and Anne Crane (MA)
-Health/Development Bill Rule (WV)
-Women & Children Cathy Coons (NC)
-Liason to CPC & CPK Jeff Boyd (DRC), Etienne Bote Tshiek (VA), Phillip Nkongola (IN)
 -PC(USA) Advistor Jeff Boyd (DRC)
 -Google Group and
Steve Vail (TN), Jonathan Cameron (CA)
 -Website Jonathan Cameron (CA)
Nominating Committee TBD