Exciting Speakers at the 2019 Congo Mission Network Conference!

Keynote speaker Rev. Isaac Kalonji Mukendi (CPK)

Passion, dedication and a willingness to deal with complexity marked the speakers and conversations at the second day of the Congo Mission Conference. A sober willingness to examine some of the hardest situations on the planet was evident.  Read on for more information and pictures!

Keynote speakers were Dr. Serge Makolo, medical director of the Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai, and Monique Misenga, women’s rights advocate and a leader in the Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa. Other speakers included mission co-workers Larry and Inge Sthreshley and Jeff and Christi Boyd. Tomorrow’s speakers will give updates on the Congo Coffee Project of Equal Exchange, the worldwide struggle for valuable “conflict” minerals in Congo, and efforts to build entrepreneurship.

Rev. Isaac Kalonji Mukendi, president of the Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa, spoke about the dedication of Presbyterian congregations and schools in Congo even during dangerous conflict. Presbyterians in the US and Congo have built many schools together.
Maman Monique Misenga, a longtime Presbyterian leader and women’s rights advocate, spoke about the ongoing struggle to protect women and children in Congo.
Dr. Serge Makolo, director of the Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai, spoke of the difficulties of treating a huge patient load during a time of war and greatly diminished funds.