Why build and equip strong Christ-centered schools in the DR Congo?

Educate caring, capable leaders for the church and the country!

Encourage competent teachers to stay in Christian Schools!

Teach peaceful problem solving and increase health!

Find out how you can help!   The end of this article includes a link to the 2018 Build Congo Schools Brochure.

VISION AND GOALS:  The Presbyterian Church of the Congo (CPC) convened Congolese and US education professionals in 2007, 2008 and 2011 to create and implement an Education Strategic Plan to strengthen its schools. This Plan is now called Build Congo Schools.  BCS’s vision is to provide quality, Christ-centered educations equally for girls and boys in remote rural regions, as well as in urban areas. Its goals are to transform fragile Primary and Secondary School buildings into durable, well-equipped centers with well-trained teachers — rotating these constructions between the Kananga, Mbuyi Mayi and Mweka regions to bring “hope” to all.

BUILDING SCHOOLS BENEFITS MANY:  In the past 6 years, U.S. churches and caring individuals funded the replacement of 8 mud and thatch schools with brick and tin.  Congolese Church leaders built and equipped these schools using local products and local labor.  Local church members provided food and water for construction workers and security for materials.  Partnerships were built that benefited families, churches and local business, as well as, students and teachers.


  • teaching and learning improved
  • test scores rose
  • over 4000 students and their teachers attended school “more regularly”, even during Congo’s 9-months of rain
  • student enrollment increased dramatically after each durable schools was built
  • the government accredited the new schools resulting in government pay for the teachers and more teacher training
  •  6 new high schools were created in the new buildings; therefore, many more students are completing high school
  •  latrines and water catchment systems improved hygiene, reduced illness and improved girls’ attendance
  •  retention of girls improved because pastors and school leaders advocated with parents in churches for girls’ to stay in school.  Girls learned about improving their future families’ incomes, educations and health by delaying marriage and finishing school (or returning to school after leaving to work or to give birth)

DONATE TO DIBATAYI SCHOOL at buildcongoschools.org
Consider giving the gifts listed below:

Dibatayi School Needs

Student Wooden Benches including assembly (labor)$6,000
Teachers & principals desks & chairs $565
Corrugated Tin Sheets for roof with lumber and nails $7,532
All wood window & doors including paint for doors $3,490
Cement for all blackboards including paint & special brushes $674
Girls and Boys latrines (Cement, Sand and Fabrication) $1,315
Cistern for water storage and personal health of students $2,900
Foundation cement blocks, re-bar, stakes and general foundation items. $7,240
Wall bricks, sand and cement $7,550

Co-Chairs: Janet Sullivan – sull1300@comcast.net and Anne Crane craneal46@gmail.com
Treasurer: George Collins – congogeorge2015@yahoo.com

For more information:
Janet Sullivan – sull1300@comcast.net
George Collins – congogeorge2015@yahoo.com

Build Congo Schools 2018 Brochure (PDF)