Quilt Raffle to Support The Dunns at MPH: Raised $2040!

Roxann Rule’s Congo Quilt
The MPH guesthouse in Kinshasa has hosted many travelers going into and out of Congo.   Clay and Cindy Dunn have been doing a wonderful job of operating and improving the guesthouse for several years.   The Dunns raise their own support but regularly need more support.

Roxann Stixrud Rule made a Congo-themed quilt  and raffled it at the Congo Reunion Luncheon in Montreat on August 24th. The quilt raised $2040 to support the Dunn’s ministry at MPH!   Read on to find out who bought it!

Leveda Law won the quilt!  She immediately gave it to her son, Daniel Law (the bearded guy on the left). Thank you to all who donated!
Congo quilt raffled
Congo quilt raffled at the Congo Reunion.
Daniel Law, Cindy Dunn, Roxann Stixrud Rule, Leveda Law, and Clay Dunn

A special thanks to Roxie for her donation of the quilt and all the work that went into making it!

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Clay and Cindy Dunn