Launch Was Joyful! Please Attend Sessions Oct. 3 and 10

Thanks to all who came to the first session of the 2020 virtual conference Sept. 16! Please enjoy the video and plan to come to the next session, “Health Care in the Time of COVID-19,” Oct. 3 and 10.

Thank you, all friends of Congo Mission Network who came to the first session of the 2020 virtual conference Sept. 16!  We were very happy that we had at least 90 connections and more than 100 participants, including a number of our Congolese partners.

Rev. Denise Anderson
Rev. Denise Anderson delivered the sermon at the Worship and Introduction Session Sept. 16

A video of the event is now available on the Congo Mission Network YouTube channel. To access it, click

Most of our program segments, including a powerful sermon by the Rev. Denise Anderson, were translated into French.

Dr. Larry Sthreshley will speak at the sessions, “Health Care at the Time of COVID-19.”

Please make plans to attend the next sessions, “Health Care in the Time of COVID-19”!  This two-part event will be on Saturday, Oct. 3, and Saturday, Oct. 10.  The sessions will provide up-to-date information on healthcare in the DRC and the U.S., with a chance to speak with experienced responders.

Highlights of the upcoming Health Care in the Time of COVID-19 program include:

•    Current medical status in the DRC, provided by Dr. Larry Sthreshley, PC (USA) health liaison and IMA World Health director

•    Stories from survivors of COVID-19 from both the U.S. and Congo

•    History of medical care in Congo by Dr. Jacques Makambo and Drs. Richard and Judith Brown

•    Impact of Racism on Health by Dr. Mimi Kanda of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation and Dr. Pacio Tshianza, CPC Medical Coordinator. Please register today! Your registration at allows us to send you a link to the sessions.